The Belief Builders - A Podcast For Online Entrepreneurs

Are you just starting out building your business online? Maybe you've been at it for a while now, but are still confused as to why you don't seem able to generate the momentum you need? Perhaps you feel there is something blocking you from success but you're not sure what it is, or what to do about it?

No matter which one of those describes you the best, The Belief Builders is going to help you move towards your ultimate online business goals, and help you develop a business and a life that you love.
Your host, Donna Joy Usher, is a dentist; a multi-award winning, best selling author; a success coach; an analytical hypnotherapist; and a total online marketing geek.
Each episode of The Belief Builders is designed to help you develop the mindset and beliefs that you will need to have the success in your business that you desire.

Build Your Belief. Create Your Success.
Donna Joy Usher shares deeply from her knowledge and experiences as she travels her own online marketing journey, plus, she interviews other experts in the online marketing space to share their experiences and advice with you too.
Finally, she uses her skills as an analytical hypnotherapist to create guided meditations designed to help you overcome blocks and limiting self beliefs surrounding topics like success, money, confidence and self worth.
If you are looking for podcasts to help you develop the skills and mindset to build your online business, this is a must for your subscriber list.